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Early education research indicates the best way to encourage students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is to bring people and companies creating cutting-edge technology into primary and secondary school classrooms.

This is’s mandate. To accomplish our goals, we need enthusiastic and supportive teachers. Does that sound like you?

The Grade 10 students were face-to-face with real customers with real demands. Arguably, those little kids wanted “everything,” but isn’t that the reality of a consumer driven product? The Grade 10 students did not yet appreciate the incredible learning experience they were embarking upon. Neither did the Grade 3 students for that matter. Even more critically, neither did their teachers… read the full testimonial, first published in Canadian Teacher focuses on the grade 10 programming course, partnering high school students with grade 3 students to create educational mobile apps. With the help of their teachers and industry mentors, the grade 3 clients provide the inspiration, content, and visual design for the grade 10 students’ app development.

Join our program! For more information, please contact Steven Evraire, Director: (613) 366-3085 ext. 261 or email